Welcome to iBiD Machinery. Our #1 goal is to provide our guests with an easy-to-use Auction site to facilitate the buying and selling of capital machinery. The iBiD Machinery Customer Success team is available to answer account questions, provide assistance with the bidding process and help coordinate logistics after the sale.

Do I need to have an account to buy or sell on this site?  YES.

Accounts are required for bidding and selling.  Account registration is easy and our account wizard will guide you through a very quick account registration process.

You will register as a Buyer or a Seller (Vendor). Choose one account type and you can add another registration type to your account later.

After registering for your account, you will be taken to your dashboard which is where you can load in your company information, track all of your bidding and/or auction activities, and setup your communication preferences. 

I am a buyer, do I need to enter a valid credit card prior to bidding? YES.

Prior to placing a live bid on the iBiD Machinery site, you will be asked to enter a valid credit card. If you are the winning bidder, you will have a choice at the end of the auction to use this card for payment to the Seller or choose another payment method. 

Is there a Buyer’s Premium or Buyer’s Fee if I win a bid?  YES.

All of our sales include a buying fee called a Buyer’s Premium which is charged only to the winning bidder. The Buyer’s Premium is a service charge added to each lot sold through the iBiD Machinery website. The Buyer’s Premium will vary from lot to lot and is clearly marked on the individual lot listing.  The Buyer’s Premium will be charged to your credit card on file unless you specify otherwise.  See Buyer Terms & Conditions

Can I save items of interest in a Wishlist or Favorites? YES.

Even before registering on our site, you have the ability to create and share a Wishlist of auction items that interest you.

Do items for sale have Reserves or minimum bid requirements:  SOMETIMES

Some of the lots listed on the iBiD Machinery site have reserves. A Seller’s Reserve is the lowest bid at which a Seller will agree to sell their machinery. When the Reserve has not yet been met you will see a message “Reserve Not Met”. Once the Reserve has been met, this message changes to “Reserve Met” which means the highest bid will win the auction.

I am a Seller (Vendor) and I want remove my item from the auction site. Do I owe a fee if I delete an item before it is sold?  YES.

 Per the Seller (Vendor)Terms and Conditions, all Sellers will be charged a minimum service fee for each auction item published on the site regardless of whether or not the item has sold.  The minimum fee is clearly outlined in the SellerTerms and Conditions.  

 I have questions about an item in the auction. Who do I contact for more information? 

If a Seller has made his/her contact information public, you can reach out the seller contact listed under Seller Information on the auction listing. If you cannot locate that information, our IBidMachinery team can help. Please contact us here.

 How does the Auction Clock Work?

The Auction Clock provides a general countdown of the time to bid on a particular item. This time will increase by five minutes if any bidder places a bid within five minutes prior to the closing time. Additional five minute extension will continue until all bidding activity has stopped. However, Ibid Machinery has the right at its sole discretion to stop or increase an Auction clock.

Can I bid lower than the minimum increments? NO.

Bidding increments are pre-determined minimal bid increases set by the IBidMachinery team in partnership with the seller to ensure bids are made in proportion to the value of the item as well as to ensure a speedy auction. Therefore, the auction site does not allow bids for less than the minimm bid increment.

Can I cancel my bid? NO.

Once your bid is submitted, it can not be deleted nor retracted. Placing a bid creates a legally binding contract per the Terms and Conditions you agreed to when creating an account.  If you are the winning bidder, you will be responsible for the Buyer’s Premium and  Full Bid amount plus any other agreed upon charges outlined in the auction posting. Please review those terms and conditions here. Buyer Terms and Conditions. 

NOTE: IBidMachinery has a zero tolerance policy for Fraudulent or non paying bidders. IBidMachinery reserves the right, and you acknowledge and agree to its exercise of this right, to notify third parties, including law enforcement authorities, credit bureaus, other auction companies and industry regulators and authorities, about bidder’s involved with or connected to fraudulent bidding or the failure to fully pay invoices in accordance with our terms and conditions.

I won a bid, now what?

The Buyer and Seller with handle the transaction and coordinate  pickup/shipping if the won lot(s). iBiD machinery Customer Success Managers will assist in the coordination post sale. 

How is shipping handled?

Shipping will be coordinated between the Seller and Buyer. IBiD machinery will help coordinate logistics and have partnered with reputable national carriers.

Who  pays for shipping?

The Buyer is responsible for all shipping and freight charges. All sales unless otherwise noted are FOB, Seller location