Featured Machinery

Featured Machinery currently offered for sale which include used routers, saws, sanders, jointers, solid wood and panel processing equipment.

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  • Coima SHK3 Dust Collector – Brand New

    Brand New Coima SHK 3 Dust Collector. Located in Ohio.

  • Dubois SP-12 linear moulding sprayers $14,500-$16,800

    Two available. Priced $14,500 – $16,800

    Linear Moulding Sprayers by Dubois

  • 2017 SCM K800 Edgebander

    SCM K 800

     Many key features from larger machines are standard on the K800. A quick-change glue pot, electronic positioning of the top pressure beam, a fully programmable color controller, premilling and corner rounding.


    The following are what is on the machine for sale.

    ·      ORION 110 CONTROL SYSTEM Basic and intuitive for error-free machining. Memory capacity with up to 60 working programs.

    ·      STARTOUCH CONTROL SYSTEM -Intuitive and easy to use thanks to its customised graphics and one touch mode.

    ·       “iGLUE” KITOptimum finishing including delicate panels.

    ·       RT-E PANEL EDGE TRIMMING GROUP Provides a perfect surface for gluing the edge.

    ·       AAR ANTI-ADHESIVE GROUP – It ensures the highest finishing quality by preventing the glue sticking to the upper and lower panel surfaces.

    ·       K/SEL END CUTTING GROUP – The best finishing quality thanks to the motors sliding on two independent guides.

    ·       RS/K IN-LINE TRIMMING GROUP – For the trimming of a solid wood edging or the removal of the exceeding edge thus providing the following chamfering operation.

    ·       RI/800 TRIMMING GROUP – The very best finishing quality with the rotating front and vertical copying discs. Rapid machine changeover between thin, radius and solid wood edges with the 2 and 3 pneumatic positions kit.

    ·       2 MOTORS ROUND GROUP – Perfect rounding and trimming of straight, chamfered and post formed panels at 16 m/min.

    ·       RAS/1000 EDGE SCRAPING GROUP – Rapid and easy work changeover of the radius edge thanks to the substitution of the cutter-head, complete with rotating copying discs.

    ·       RCL GLUE SCRAPING GROUP – Eliminates any excess glue on the panel surface.

    ·       SPN BRUSHING GROUP – Allows panel cleaning and polishing.

  • 2016 SCM OLIMPIC K 360 Single Sided Edgebander with Pre-Mill

    Automatic compact single sided edgebander

    With pre-mill:  top, bottom, end, trim & buff

    7″ touch screen

  • 2019 Hurco SW60i CNC Machining Center

    The Hurco VMX60SWi 5-Axis CNC mill offers maximum flexibility. The SW series of 5-axis CNC mills offers multiple advantages, starting with the machine’s design configuration that utilizes a swivel head. Heavier digital servo drives, larger ball screws, and larger linear rails increase accuracy and deliver superb surface finish. Exceptional cutting feed rates are achieved with patented high-speed motion technology – resulting in the fastest cut with the best surface finish.

    **Machine descriptions, specs and information have been gathered from the machine owners, literature, manufacturer’s website and/or inspections.  The information is thought to be accurate, but not guaranteed. Customers have the ability to inspect all machines for condition and to verify the specifications for each machine.**