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Used Woodworking Machinery

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  • Sale!K208 ER Edgebander2004 SCM Olimpic K208 ER Edgebander

    2004 SCM Olimpic K208 ER Edgebander

    A medium to Heavy duty Edgebander from Italian manufacturer SCM, which allows the processing of edgbanding material from 0.4mm – 10mm Solid wood.  The machine does have a Corner rounding unit. 

    Product Features

    • Base structure made of high rigidity tubular steel to guarantee an excellent support for the operating groups and the guides of the feed. Mobile control panel.
    • Feed track sliding on 1 cylindrical guides 1 flat to guarantee straight cutting and resistance to heavy side pressure loads.
    • Automatic loader for rolled edges and shear device for cutting thickness up to 3 mm
    • Glue pot unit, including:
    • Teflon coated glue pot to facilitate glue substitution
    • Digital thermostat on glue spreader
    • Device for automatic recovery of unused glue
    • Automatic temperature kick down after temporary non use
    • Horizontal pressure unit with 3 rollers of which the first is cylindrical, power driven, with pneumatic pressure adjustment
    • The second and third have pneumatic pressure adjustment and opposed coincity to guarantee perfect adherence to the entire panel edge.
    • End cutting unit with 2 independent high frequency motors on prismatic guidways and linear sliding pads that tilt from 0 – 15 degrees, easy setting-up and fixed to the pressure beam to avoid interference of scraps when activated, each is equipped with copying device.
    • Trimming units tiltable from 0 – 15 degrees, with high frequency motors and large diameter horizontal and vertical copying device, complete with 70 x 12 cutters with 4 throwaway knives
    • Buffing unit with two independent tiltable motors
    • Roller conveyor with extension support on entire length
    • Speed of end cutters and trimmers 12,000 rpm with frequency converter
    • Centralised dust-extracting outlet.
    • Safety enclosure
    • Electrical cabinet with main switch and thermal cut-out for motor protection.
  • Sale!IMG  scaled2009 Komo VR 510

    2009 Komo VR 510

  • Sale!CNC Nesting equipment2016 Morbidelli M400 F 5’ X 12’ CNC Nesting Cell

    2016 Morbidelli M400 F 5’ X 12’ CNC Nesting Cell

    2016 Morbidelli M400 F 5’ X 12’ CNC Nesting machine being upgraded to accommodate for the SCM Flexstore solution. Rare opportunity to get a late model CNC router at a fair price.

  • Sale!IMG  scaled2017 Morbidelli M 200 5- Axis Router 5X12 Table

    2017 Morbidelli M 200 5- Axis Router 5X12 Table

     2017 MORBIDELLI

    Being Upgraded to accommodate for new SCM Flex Store Technology.

  • Sale!SCM Accord  FX scaledSCM Accord 30 FX Pod & Rail, 5 Axis Router

    SCM Accord 30 FX Pod & Rail, 5 Axis Router

    4′ X 16′ SCM Accord 30 FX

    Start Work Table with 8 Supports, prearranged for Clamps

    5 Axis Prisma KT

    16 Position Tool Changer

    10 Vertical Drills

    4 Horizontal

    Grooving Saw

    300 m3/hr  Becker Vacuum Pump

  • Giben Contour Edgebander Model KG 305

    CONTOUR EDGE BANDING MACHINE for application of veneer and coiled PVC, from 0.4 up to 3 mm of thickness. GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS