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  • Holz-Her Auriga 1308XL Auto Edgebander – Like New – Located in Ohio

    Excellent Condition Machine with lots of extras!

    Includes Pre-Mill

    Top and Bottom Trimming

    Corner Rounding

    *Information displayed has been gathered from machine owner, internet searches and other sources. Information is believed to be correct, but not guaranteed. All buyers should verify this information independently and/or have the machine inspected for accuracy prior to purchase*

  • 2017 SCM K800 Edgebander

    SCM K 800

     Many key features from larger machines are standard on the K800. A quick-change glue pot, electronic positioning of the top pressure beam, a fully programmable color controller, premilling and corner rounding.


    The following are what is on the machine for sale.

    ·      ORION 110 CONTROL SYSTEM Basic and intuitive for error-free machining. Memory capacity with up to 60 working programs.

    ·      STARTOUCH CONTROL SYSTEM -Intuitive and easy to use thanks to its customised graphics and one touch mode.

    ·       “iGLUE” KITOptimum finishing including delicate panels.

    ·       RT-E PANEL EDGE TRIMMING GROUP Provides a perfect surface for gluing the edge.

    ·       AAR ANTI-ADHESIVE GROUP – It ensures the highest finishing quality by preventing the glue sticking to the upper and lower panel surfaces.

    ·       K/SEL END CUTTING GROUP – The best finishing quality thanks to the motors sliding on two independent guides.

    ·       RS/K IN-LINE TRIMMING GROUP – For the trimming of a solid wood edging or the removal of the exceeding edge thus providing the following chamfering operation.

    ·       RI/800 TRIMMING GROUP – The very best finishing quality with the rotating front and vertical copying discs. Rapid machine changeover between thin, radius and solid wood edges with the 2 and 3 pneumatic positions kit.

    ·       2 MOTORS ROUND GROUP – Perfect rounding and trimming of straight, chamfered and post formed panels at 16 m/min.

    ·       RAS/1000 EDGE SCRAPING GROUP – Rapid and easy work changeover of the radius edge thanks to the substitution of the cutter-head, complete with rotating copying discs.

    ·       RCL GLUE SCRAPING GROUP – Eliminates any excess glue on the panel surface.

    ·       SPN BRUSHING GROUP – Allows panel cleaning and polishing.

  • SOLD

    2016 SCM OLIMPIC K 360 Single Sided Edgebander with Pre-Mill

    Automatic compact single sided edgebander

    With pre-mill:  top, bottom, end, trim & buff

    7″ touch screen

  • 2017 SCM Olimpic K800 FRT Single Sided Edgebander – with $40k Air Fusion Upgrade Included

    Air Fusion Upgrade details:


    Application of the coextruded and pre-glued edge by means of the high temperature compressed air blower which
    allows to melt the specific functional layer of the edge and the following gluing to the panel
    The device consists of:
    air heating unit with electronic control of the temperature

    air blower head, applied before the first edge pressure roller
    Device for the temperature control applied on the air blower head which allows a constant melting temperature
    control of the functional edge layer
    opening and closing adjustment of the head bores when
    varying the edge thickness. It is carried out in a single operation
    together with the top edge guide
    the spraymist
    device for the edge cooling
    positioned to the end of the edge pressure roller prevents the adhesion of the chips
    on the tools and improves the panel finishing (Riepe liquid LP289/99)
    The air blower on the edge is activated only when the panel is present, in this way the
    compressed air
    consumption is optimized.
    The device is compatible with the standard gluing systems for EVA
    and PU glue.
    With AirFusion the following edges con be used:
    coextruded edge suitable for hot air melting and Laser in: PP,ABS e PMMA with 0,2 mm functional layer
    edge with specific glue for the working with hot air melting

    Technical data for the AirFusion AF 15 device

    15 m/min working speed with 30 mm edge height (working speed and edge height depend on the features of
    the used edge)
    65 mm maximum edge height
    13mm edge thickness

    distance between panels according to the working speed and panel height
    10,5 kW installed motor power
    1400 Nl/min compressed air consumption during machining 15 min heating time