Why Buy a Used Woodworking Machine from iBidMachinery?

iBidMachinery will provide hands on support and guidance to Buyers throughout the buying process. We will provide opportunities for you to ask any questions you have about a machine, including requesting videos or on site visits. We can also help coordinate shipping and installation for you. 

iBid Machinery has a wide network of sellers of woodworking machines across the nation.  Generally our sellers are selling machines for a couple reasons:

  • They are making room for an upgraded, higher production machine
  • They are changing their manufacturing process
  • They are retiring or moving

The iBiD Machinery Customer Success team is available to answer account questions, provide assistance with the buying and selling process and help coordinate logistics after the sale. Please call us at 888-375-0384 if you would like to speak with a representative.  

Common Questions from Buyers:

What condition machines do you list/sell?

We strive to only list machines in good working order. Sellers must provide specific information on machines and attest to the machine's good working order and/or disclose defects or issues beyond normal age-related wear and tear. We provide numerous photos and videos of machines. In addition, if requested, we can arrange video calls and in-person visits for potential buyers to inspect machines.

I have questions about a machine listed - who can I contact? 

Please contact the iBidMachinery team at: or Call Us at 888-375-0384

How is shipping handled?

Shipping (as well as any other machine-specific loading, rigging, etc.) will be coordinated between the Seller and Buyer. Upon request, IBiD machinery can help coordinate logistics with reputable national carriers.

Who pays for shipping?

The Buyer is responsible for all shipping and freight charges. All sales, unless otherwise noted, are FOB Seller location.  In some cases, a buyer may pick up a machine and will not incur shipping costs (though rigging, loading or other fees may apply. Please inquire and confirm any shipping and loading/rigging related fees.)

Are there Additional Fees to Consider?  

Possibly.  Large or speciality machines may require special decommissioning, rigging, loading, installation, power upgrades, training, software purchases, accessories, balancing, special shipping considerations, higher shipping insurance coverage, etc.  It is the Buyer's Responsibility to know what services may be needed and which additional fees may be incurred for each machine purchase.

Are there guarantees on Used Machinery? 

No. Generally there are no guarantees on the used machinery sold on this site.  Buyers can request photos of the machines, videos of machines in production, and site visits and/or inspections of the machines before purchase. Machine Information displayed has been gathered from machine owners, internet searches, and other sources. Information is believed to be correct, but not guaranteed. All buyers should verify this information independently and/or have the machine inspected for accuracy before purchase.