2007 Brandt Automatic Edgebander KDF 530 C Servo

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Product Description: PC-20 Program Control

Integrated Electronic Line Control System for Increased Reliability and Diagnostic Assistance

Joint Trimming Unit

· Pre-Trimming Of The Workpiece Edge Prior To Gluing

· Two Motors, 3 HP Each, 12,000 RPM

· One Motor Clockwise Rotation, One Counter-Clockwise

· Vertical Spindle Adjustment Via Digital Settings

· Horizontal Positioning Via Electro-Pneumatic Control

· Dust Extraction Hood Included With 120 Mm Diameter Outlet ( 4 ¾ “ )

· Diamond Cutter Heads

Automatic Magazine for Strip and Coil Feeding

· Large Coil Table (800 Mm Diameter) With Built-In Rollers To Allow For 3 Mm PVC Coils

· Edge Strip Capacity From 0.4 Mm To 8 Mm (0.016” – 5/16”)

· Direction Of Glue Roller Reversible

· Glue Roller Section Is Also Retractable From Fence Line

· One Large Driven Pressure Roller With Pneumatic Pressure Control

· Two Secondary Rollers, All With Controlled Side Pressure

· Setting Of Pressure Zone Equipped With Digital Counter Accurate To .1 Mm (.004")

· Strengthened Precutter For Cutting Thick PVC Edges From The Coil; Maximum 3 X 45 Mm

Standard Gluing System

· Heat-Up Time Is Twelve Minutes

· No Lubrication Is Needed For This Unit

· Quick-Change Glue Tank For Easy Maintenance And Glue Color Change, If Necessary

· Glue Temperature Indication Of Both Premelter And Glue Roller Via LED Thermostat Display Visible To Operator

· Automatic Temperature Reduction If Not Run Within 15 Minutes. This Feature Lowers The Temperature Automatically To 150 Degrees C.

Sound Cover
· Equipped With Two Independent Openings

· Safety Interlock System - When Sound Enclosure Door Is Opened, Corresponding Work Station Shuts Off

· End Trimming And Fine Trimming Motors Are Each Equipped With Electronic Motor Brakes To Stop Cutter Rotation When Hood Is Opened Or When Station Is Shut Off At Operator Control Panel

End Trimming Station

· Straight/Chamfer End Trim Unit Equipped With Two 0.18 Kw (1/4 HP) 12,000 RPM Motors; Electronic Motor Brakes

· End Trim Unit Utilizes Drawing Cut System For Reduced Blade Projection When Working On Thick Panels

· Tooling Also Included

· Program Controlled Indexing From Straight To Bevel End Trimming

Fine Trimming Unit
· Equipped With Two .55 Kw (3/4 HP) 12,000 RPM Trimming Motors

· Electronic Motor Brakes

· Horizontal And Vertical Copy Rollers With Lateral Location Indexing Via Servo Motor Positioning

· Two Position Program Controlled Vertical Indexing

· Each Trimming Motor Is Equipped With One Dust Hood And Dust Extraction Hose

· Equipped With Two DFC Combination Straight/Radius Cutter Heads, Including Four Knife Carbide Inserts; Flush Trimming Possible Up To 8 Mm Edge Thickness; Radius - 3 Mm

Contour Trimming Unit
· For Corner Rounding Of Thick PVC Edgings

· 3 Mm Radius Reversible Profile Knives Standard

Scraping Unit With Knives
· For Scraping Of Roughly Trimmed Thick PVC Edges In Order To Remove The Cutter Marks

· 3 Mm Radius Reversible Profile Knives Standard

· Program Controlled Pneumatic Indexing

Top And Bottom Buffing Unit

· Top And Bottom Buffing Motors For Finishing Of Longitudinal Edges

· Two 2800 RPM Polishing Motors

· Inclinable Vertically And Horizontally


· Two Buffing Wheels Included

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Machine Location City:

Year: 2007

Make: Brandt

Model: KDF 530 C Servo

Serial No: 0-261-02-9999

Phase/Voltage: 3 Phase 230V

Condition: Good

Any Known Issues: NO

In Production: No

Software Transfer: No

Access to Forklift for Loading: Yes

Loading Fee: 250

Shipping Dimensions: 16' X 4' 5'

Shipping Weight: 4400 Lbs.)

Shipping Brackets Available: No