2017 SCM Olimpic K800 FRT Single Sided Edgebander – with $40k Air Fusion Upgrade Included

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Air Fusion Upgrade details:


Application of the coextruded and pre-glued edge by means of the high temperature compressed air blower which
allows to melt the specific functional layer of the edge and the following gluing to the panel
The device consists of:
– air heating unit with electronic control of the temperature

– air blower head, applied before the first edge pressure roller
– Device for the temperature control applied on the air blower head which allows a constant melting temperature
control of the functional edge layer
– opening and closing adjustment of the head bores when
varying the edge thickness. It is carried out in a single operation
together with the top edge guide
– the spraymist
device for the edge cooling 
positioned to the end of the edge pressure roller prevents the adhesion of the chips
on the tools and improves the panel finishing (Riepe liquid LP289/99)
The air blower on the edge is activated only when the panel is present, in this way the 
compressed air
consumption is optimized.
The device is compatible with the standard gluing systems for EVA
and PU glue.
With AirFusion the following edges con be used:
– coextruded edge suitable for hot air melting and Laser in: PP,ABS e PMMA with 0,2 mm functional layer
– Pre-glued
edge with specific glue for the working with hot air melting

Technical data for the AirFusion AF 15 device

– 15 m/min working speed with 30 mm edge height (working speed and edge height depend on the features of
the used edge)
– 65 mm maximum edge height
– 13mm edge thickness

– distance between panels according to the working speed and panel height
– 10,5 kW installed motor power
– 1400 Nl/min compressed air consumption during machining 15 min heating time

Product Description:

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Year: 2017

Make: SCM

Model: Olimpic K800

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Condition: Excellent

Any Known Issues: No

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